Thursday, October 9, 2014

Installation of Water cooler

We have installed a water cooler for the needy to quench their thirst. The water is cold & it is filtered . It benefits a lot of families where clean filtered water is a luxury.

Educating to Empower

Ahuja Foundation is of the firm belief that donations provide only momentary relief to the poor. We wish to go beyond that and spread happiness. The biggest Daan according to our Hindu scriptures is the daan of our time. Our Director Mr. V.K Ahuja teaches up to 40 children  every evening. Our C.E.O Ms. Komal Ahuja also takes one hour free tutorial for the kids in proficiency in English language every morning.

                                               " We Educate To Empower "

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration : Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Our Dynamic Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had started the " Swatch Bharat Abhiyan " on the 2nd  of october. We as a company and foundation showed our full support to his mission by cleaning the street in front of our factory & sourrounding area.

Janmashtmi Celebration

Their can be no better way of celebrating birth of Lord Krishna than the kids dressed as Radha & Krishna . The evening Aarti was performed with kids of care takers from surrounding areas. After the aarti & the bhajans fruits & sweets were distributed to the one & all.

Independence Day Celebration

Most People celebrate Independence day with their associates & Friends, We at Ahuja Foundation believe that independence means freedom from poverty. In our effort to achieve that we took one baby step towards the larger cause. We celebrated the day with 50 underprivileged kids.They all gave beautiful performances ranging from singing patriotic songs and dancing on folk songs.



Blanket Distribution by Our Director Mr. V. K Ahuja

Our Director Mr. V.K Ahuja celebrates his birthday each year with a lot of style. Style for him means spending time with love and affection towards the underprivileged. He is seen below distributing blankets to the workers and their families.