Our Work

We work for the upliftment of the underserved communities. We help them earn better livelihoods. Our main aim is to join hands with the poor and work extremely hard to alleviate poverty.

At Ahuja Foundation we work each day to apply the ancient principle that says. “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. Our vision is to enable and empower as many people we can so that they can become strong independent individuals. We primarily focus on the upliftment of women and help them to live for themselves.

We believe that happiness comes from serving people, living life with simplicity and dignity. It comes from understanding that all human beings have the potential desire to grow and develop themselves.

At Ahuja Foundation, we work hard to overcome the challenge of the world and try to find sustainable ways to better the lives of the people who are living in extreme poverty. We help such people increase their confidence in their own potential and uplift their dignity.

Major Activities : 

  • Skill Development training
  • Skill Upgradation training
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Skill Development training: 

Ahuja Foundation is working in the field of skill development, where it helps the undeserved communities develop skills and enhance them. It sets a separate location for the people to learn. We establish ground-level functionaries for the organizations to run. Once the community members are convinced about the work that they are expected to do, we divide them into small groups, each of which is under a trained graduate who can help them to enhance their skills.

Along with this we also wish to conduct skill development training where others can join these communities and together they are taught the basics of the work and this indeed helps them earn a better lifestyle.

In the coming years, Ahuja Foundation promises to provide jobs to these people after the successful completion of their training. This will not only boost their morale but also it would give them dignity in society. It will develop confidence in their skills.

Skill Upgradation training:

Ahuja Foundation conducts skill up-gradation training for those sections of the society who have little knowledge of work but they have no source of income in particular. These people are already acquainted with the work and the kind of training that Ahuja Foundation offers to such people is an effort to enable them to meet new standards as per the demand. This sets them to work and provides them with the latest technique of using some new tools.

We believe that training is essential in terms of market standards and for the continual motivation of the workers. Training helps put forward better and efficient results.

Education :

The entire team of Ahuja Foundation is a firm believer in educating the mass. We strongly support in educating as many people as possible. Education brings about awareness and provides knowledge. Other than teaching numerics and alphabetic knowledge to the masses, the foundation helps in drawing their attention to the fundamental aspects of daily life.

We focus on educating women more than men because we believe that on educating a woman we educate the entire family. Continued sessions are taken to teach women how to read and write. They are also taught to manage the basic issues that they might have to face on a daily basis.
We wish to help them perform signatures rather than thump prints. Also, we wish to mobilize them to be able to use mobile phones.

Children are another major section of the society that we focus on for educational purposes. It is very important to educate children of underserved communities so that they can lead a normal life in the future.

We endeavor in bringing consciousness about issues related to health, hygiene, and family planning. We discuss with the masses issues related to cleanliness and environment shaping. We are hoping to teach these masses the basics of a happy living in an educated society.

Healthcare :

Ahuja Foundation organizes health camps in villages on a regular basis so as to enable the poorest people to avail of medical services in the village. These villagers are given expert medical check-ups and medicines free of cost. The camps provide general ailments and the severe health issues are referred to the hospitals for proper care.

These camps not only help in treating the patients but also in identifying the potential health issues that are otherwise left unattended and may eventually lead to death. The people are made aware of the general cleanliness that they should maintain in order to stay fit.

As per the need, transportation facility is also provided in these villages. This is done in order to reduce the mobility burden that the poor might not be able to face.