About Us

Ahuja Foundation mainly focuses on the corporate social responsibility for the Ahuja Group, enabling sustainable development, providing healthcare and education opportunities to the socially deprived sections of the society. We also promote Indian art & culture and work for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.
Ahuja Foundation makes a conscious effort towards linking its initiatives with other important social and environmental issues. We are a non-profit organization that catalyzes sustainable livelihoods for deprived people belonging to all sections of society. Thus, empowering them to establish collective enterprises.

We promote a lot of art and culture as we believe that every Indian citizen should feel every bit of its art and culture. Our responsibilities are not only limited to the rehabilitation of these deprived people but also the rehabilitation of animals. The overall work mandate of the Ahuja Foundation is to reach out to remote rural areas and establish bonds with the underserved communities enabling them to start engaging themselves in some profitable work and weave their new lives.

Our core focus is to let people develop skill-building, skill up-gradation, and training. We help the underserved communities earn a better livelihood. Our main aim is to join hands with the poor and work extremely hard to alleviate poverty. Ahuja Foundation is definitely proud to say that we facilitate income-generating opportunities at the doorsteps of those who are willing to change their lives and make it better. We move to the remotest of the locations with the aid of our strategic partners.

Rehabilitation of animals we believe is a very big milestone for us and we are trying hard to achieve it. We understand that animals whether domestic or others need shelter and good treatment. We not only provide good shelter for them but also the proper medical treatment and healthy food.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Vision is to make a place where there is equality for all and we give socio-economic development opportunities for all to promote this feeling of equality in the people.

The Mission of the Ahuja Foundation is to serve as a social innovator promoting the cause of rehabilitation of animals and undeserved or deprived sections of the society. We provide people with decent work opportunities and lead them to socio-economic growth.

The farsightedness, thoughts, and clarity of vision of the founders have made us what we are today. Supporting the rural and urban areas the Ahuja Foundation has grown very fast over the years.

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