Friday, June 26, 2015

Business Orientation Training for Ex-Servicemen

Ahuja Foundation conducted a Business Orientation Training for Ex-Servicemen to Empower them to find Private Sector Jobs from 8 May, 2015 - 25 June, 2015. This "On the Job Training" was provided at the premises of Ahuja Group at Jaipur to a batch of 12 retiring soldiers of the Indian Army, as part of our CSR activities.

The Men from the Army
One day our office was flooded with big men from the army,
They had strange stories to tell about horses, guns, planes and artillery,
They spoke about radars and signals as we stared at them in bewilderment,
By the end of the day we began to wonder if they came from some other planet.
They came from all parts of India,there was a Manikandan,a Rana and a Shinde too,
They looked different, spoke different languages and greeted differently too
Slowly we warmed up to them and their smiling faces and got use to their Jai Hind,
Soon we understood that they just belong to a different world, then it was not so difficult.
We began grilling them about various aspects of the business,
Kuch samay ke liye bhool jaaiye apni duniya I requested,
The basics of accounts flew from top of their heads,
Sales, marketing and the C.R.M was not so bad.
Then came the biggest challenge, attitude and image building,
We even taught them proficiency in English language,
After ten days we took a written test
And the army said ham kahan faas gaye yaar!
Soon they began to enjoy the course,
They were made to shadow the executives,
Prabhu fainted at the end of day one of marketing much to everyone’s surprise,
MY people said madam honge yeh fauji par hamara kaam nahi hai asaan.
Welcome to our world I told the men,
Jeevan kahin bhi nahi hai asaan,
Jee tod mehnat karni padegi aapko
aapke liye aaram hai haram!
Slowly all their illusions were shattered,
They learnt all the intricacies of business,
They learnt to say take care madam after their Jai Hind,
And with all the knowledge became very confident.
Now the time has come to bid them good bye,
To wish them happiness and success as they go by,
We hope they remember us and life treats them just fine,
They are born to win they should remember this at all times.
They could have died for us, this is the least we could have done for them,
To keep in touch is a promise we have made to all of them,
The Ahuja Foundation is honored to have done their bit towards the nation
We will miss you all we all want to say in unison!!